7 Stylish Living Room Staging Ideas

Marketing your home is an exciting time, and you hope that you sell for your asking price in record time. The problem is that every other home is trying to do the same thing.

If you are in a competitive area, you need every advantage possible, and the best way to stand out in the crowded real estate market is to have your home staged. There is only so much you can do in bedrooms, so the living room is where you get the most bang for your buck.

Here are seven stylish living room staging ideas to help your home sell fast:

Idea #1: Make the colour palette more neutral

When you are marketing a home, you are selling an experience, and it’s important to appeal to the many buyers as possible. Your living room is a high-priority area for this colour transformation and can be easily done by using as much of your existing furniture as possible.

If you have dark furniture, you can lighten them up by using slipcovers or bring in rental pieces that match the neutral tone you are going for. It’s ok to have accent pieces with bold colours, but the overall look and feel need to be calming and comforting. For ideas, you can browse online collections from retailers like Executive Furniture Rentals and gather your inspiration.

Idea #2: Scale back living room furniture

You have furnished your living room, which is functional and works for all your family members. Sometimes, homes can get a little congested, and potential buyers may see them as clutter.

Consider removing some furniture to open up the space. If you have a larger couch, you could take it out and bring a love seat instead. See-through furniture like a glass coffee table makes the space more open too. Think about what your buyers see and remember, and less is more.

Idea #3: Declutter the living room space

Thinning out your decor is a great strategy for staging a living room. A good rule of thumb is to remove half of the items from the room, especially on shelves and other surfaces. You don’t want to distract buyers while they imagine their family using the space, giving them the freedom to insert their pieces into the vision. This keeps their attention on the room rather than your tchotchkes.

Idea #4: Highlight any living room built-ins

Having built-ins in your living room is a huge bonus because buyers want this custom touch. Bookcases and shelves with rich wood add character to the space and show craftsmanship. You want people to see these added features.

You don’t want to have them bare but, at the same time, not too cluttered either. Strike a balance by grouping smaller decor pieces to draw the eye but don’t leave items that are too personal because they can be distracting. It is a way to capture their focus so they can appreciate how amazing your built-in furniture looks.

Idea #5: Bring in natural light

Dark rooms are never appealing to buyers. You may get away with it in a small bedroom, but you need lots of natural light for the living room. This opens up the space and makes it bright and cheery. The best light source is the sun, so open up curtains and let it shine through.

Light plays tricks to make a room feel larger, so if the sun doesn’t provide enough illumination, use artificial lighting to help out. Mirrors and lighter painted surfaces help reflect the light, so consider these options when brightening up the living room.

Idea #6: Add living room art pieces

There are various artistic choices to add to a staged living room, and most people appreciate it. Everything from wall art to sculptural pieces adds real value when looking to sell your home.

Remove personal photos from the room because it doesn’t help your buyers when they envision living there. Replace them with beautiful art accents, so your walls aren’t bare, and make sure shelves have some nice additions.

Idea #7: Build around a focal point

Most living rooms have a main attraction, like a fireplace or an entertainment unit. This is where you want to build your staging around. Consider what the new owner would be doing in the space. Seating, directed to enjoy a movie night or a cozy fire, is important, and if the living room is larger, you can have two focal points with furniture structured around it. Make sure there is good flow in the room without any cramped passageways so buyers can see what the space could become with their furniture pieces.

Setting up your living room for a home sale is important. You need to create the perfect dream area where people can get excited about and buy your home. Use these seven living room staging ideas to transform your space into an attractive show home that buyers have to own.

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