9 Most Famous Candy Brands and Their Packaging Designs

Candy is more than just a fun treat to eat. No matter how old or young you are, your favourite candy brands surely remind you of many cherished memories.

The flavour, the texture, the shape, and the colour of the candy make it enjoyable. However, it’s the packaging design of a candy brand that can make the product truly memorable. A packaging specialist or bag printing company can create stunning designs that will entice customers to buy the candies.

If you are in the mood for something sweet, let’s look at the nine most famous candy brands and their packaging designs.

1. Skittles

Skittles are colourful button-shaped candies with the letter “S” printed. With their intense fruity flavours, they truly allow us to taste the rainbow!

Many Skittles flavours now exist, including Tropical Skittles and Sour Skittles. The Original flavour is probably the most famous, and those yummy little candies come packaged in a red pouch that features the white Skittles logo, with images of candy sliding on a bright rainbow.

The colour of the pouch varies for the other Skittles flavours.

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2. Nestlé’s Smarties

Just like Skittles, Smarties candy has wonderful colourful sugar shells. But instead of being filled with fruity flavours, they are filled with delicious, creamy chocolate.

Although Smarties can come in different pouches, their most popular packaging is a thin cardboard box.

The background of the packaging is a dark shade of blue, with colourful Smarties swirling around the Smarties logo, which is white, with a brown outline that looks like smooth chocolate.

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3. Maynards’ gummy candy

Maynards is a well-known brand for making Wine Gums, but they also offer an interesting variety of delicious gummy candy. Just think about Swedish Berries, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, and Fuzzy Peaches.

Their candy packaging features a big yellow crown on the white Maynards logo. Behind that crown, depending on the candy you are looking at, there is often an explosion of colourful lines that make our mouths water.

4. Nerds

Nerds are tiny, tangy and sweet sugar crystals coated with different colours, depending on their flavour. They are packaged in small boxes that contain two flavours of candy. Each flavour is found in a different compartment, and each compartment has its opening.

The colourful Nerds boxes show tiny Nerds creatures running around, jumping, and looking like they’re having a good time. The packaging also features the white and blue Nerds logo.

5. Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Rancher hard candy has bold, intense fruity flavours. Although there are now gummy and chewy versions of Jolly Ranchers, the original hard candy is what most people love.

These candies come packaged in blue pouches of different sizes, with the white and dark blue Jolly Rancher logo appearing in front of a group of happy fruits with big smiles. Each piece is individually wrapped, and the logo and the candy’s flavour appear on that clear wrapper.

6. Life Savers

Although the Life Savers brand also includes gummy candies, they are mostly known for their fruit-flavoured hard candy. Each candy has a round shape with a hole in the middle, making them look like life-saving buoys.

Life Savers are packed in aluminum foil rolls which are wrapped in paper. Once again, the Life Savers logo is white, with a blue outline. The background of the paper wrapper is striped, and each colour stripe represents one of the delicious flavours inside.

7. Starburst Chews

Starburst chews are square-shaped taffy pieces with bold and juicy fruity flavours. Each candy comes in a wrapper that features an “S” inside a juice drop shape, as well as the colour and the flavour of the chew.

Although Starburst chews are packaged in different sizes of colourful pouches, they most frequently come in small packages that can easily fit inside a pocket. The Starburst logo is red and yellow and features another juicy drop shape.

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8. Dubble Bubble gum

Dubble Bubble was the first bubble gum to be sold commercially. Even though these gums now come in different shapes and flavours, the most classic one is pink and has a distinctive taste.

This old-fashioned bubble gum is wrapped in a yellow and blue wrapper, with the Dubble Bubble logo shown inside a red oval shape with a blue crown on top.

Different Dubble Bubble gums come in pouches, bags, and even in large plastic tubs.

9. Mackintosh’s Creamy Toffee

Mackintosh’s Creamy Toffee slabs are a well-known candy in Canada. These toffee slabs have a smooth, sweet and salty taste that makes them unique.

They are packaged in a red, green and blue wrapper that reminds us of a tartan. The white Mackintosh logo features a large red band that crosses the package diagonally and a thinner yellow band.

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