7 Most Popular Styles of Tote Bags

You’ve narrowed down the type of promotional product you want to offer. Whether you’re purchasing promo items for a conference, for employee appreciation, or to hand out to customers in your showroom, it’s important to choose items that will resonate with them, that they’ll be excited about, and that they’ll use.

You’ve determined that your employees or customers would love to receive branded tote bags from your business. They’ll be branded with your logo and company name. The tote bags will showcase your company colours. You’ve even determined exactly how many you’ll need to purchase. But there’s one important consideration you may not have factored in—the style of tote bag you’ll offer.

Not all branded tote bags are created equal, and the style you choose will be determined by your audience, your needs, and your preferences. That being said, here are some of the most popular styles of tote bags to consider.

1. The Shopping Bag

This bag is intended to be used for shopping, whether at the mall or the grocery store. As a result, it’s larger than most other styles so it can fit more items in it. These bags can be made from a variety of different recyclable materials, such as cotton, canvas, jute, and non-woven polypropylene. They typically don’t have additional compartments or pockets—just a large storage area. These bags can offer you more space for larger printing of your logo and company name.

2. The Tradeshow Bag

Tradeshow bags are a great option if you’re planning to give them away at meetings or conferences. They are typically used to hold marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers, coupons, and brochures. What makes the tradeshow bag different? Its organized construction. It typically comes with extra pockets and zippered compartments to hold all the different types of items you want to include in them.

3. The Beach Tote

The beach tote is a good option if you’re going to be gifting your promo bags during the summer time. These tote bags are typically made of durable, water-resistant, shrinkage-free, and wrinkle-free materials, such as canvas, polyester, or nylon. Like the shopping bag, this tote is larger than most other styles and doesn’t feature any additional features or pockets. The large storage space is ideal for your customers to carry around their beach towels and other essential gear, such as sunscreen and sunglasses.

4. The Boat Tote

Any type of tote bag that’s shaped like a boat can be included in this category. The boat shape is a popular style due to its uniqueness. Whether you want to give away a luxury canvas tote or a mesh-bottomed beach tote, you can choose this option.

5. Zippered Tote

The zippered tote is an ideal option if you want to ensure that the promotional items you place inside them stay in. They’re also popular with customers because they look fashionable and they’re also practical. The zippered tote can come in a variety of colours, materials, and prices.

6. Fold-up Tote Bag

This tote bag can be easily folded up and stored away when it’s not being used. When folded, this bag will still show your logo, making it a popular choice for brands. You can even include a logoed pouch to fold the bag into.

7. Fashion Tote

Choose the women’s fashion tote bag if you’re targeting young, stylish women. Your bags are sure to be used if you choose this option. The variety of buckles, textured patterns, belts, compartments, and pockets make it a great bag for just about any occasion. The fashion tote is an accessory all your female employees, customers, or guests will rave about.

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