6 Creative Trends in Packaging Design

Every product should be appropriately packaged for it to attract customers. Although the design should be attractive, it should not be deceptive. Nothing turns off a customer than an attractive packaging that misrepresents the product.

They are not likely to buy your product again, even if you later improve it. They will always remember that one time when they felt duped by a deceptive product packaging. Nonetheless, an attractive product packaging plays a huge role in getting a customer to check out your product.

Below are some of the most creative trends in packaging design:

1. Minimalist Designs

When it comes to designing product packaging, less is more. Minimalist designs have been around for years, and this trend is bound to persist for a long time to come. One of the secrets of the success of Apple devices was in Steve Jobs’ insistence on featuring minimalist designs; a philosophy that not only permeated his life but which also featured on every product Apple Inc. rolled out. The challenge with a minimalist design is to find a symbol or sign that most people can relate to. For Apple Inc., an apple with one bite chewed out has resonated with the firm’s customers for decades. When it comes to design, always keep it simple.

2. Pastels

Feminine designs are also staking a claim to product packaging in 2018. These designs are characterized by a resurgence of pastels, which, unlike the brash colours that have in the past dominated the market, have a calming effect that is aimed at appealing to your softer side. Due to the toned down saturation, pastels are an ideal choice for product packaging designs that exude a warm, candid aura. This soft design subtly invites a customer to have a look inside in a non-threatening or abrasive, in your face, way. Rather than scream ‘buy me’, these designs merely invite and subtly ease or lure a customer towards the product inside.

3. Doodles

Most creative packaging designs are discovering what Google has known all along: people love doodles. The beauty with doodles is that they traverse all generations, from 10 years to over 90-year-olds. The freestyle drawing reminds us of days when we were young, reckless, and free-spirited. When sketched on a product packaging, doodles can transform a product into a fun spectacle that suggests that the world of doodles is real. With a doodled design, chances are you will be smiling even before you reach the product.

4. Movie Posters

Designers have discovered the value of entertainment when designing product packaging. For the same reason that people are attracted to movie posters, product-packaging designs that evoke these feelings are claiming their space on the shelves in 2018. An attractively designed poster teleports you to an imaginary world that makes you more intimately connected to a product.

5. Large Letters

A product packaging design featuring bold, large letters makes an unmistakable statement about the product. You could get creative with words and lettering to emphatically announce the product. If you combine large letters with appropriate colours, your message would be loud and clear.

6. Vintage Designs

Like minimalist designs, vintage will never go out of fashion. Your present accumulated reality includes your past, which is never really behind you. The past is ingrained in your current reality as well. Vintage designs sentimentally connect you to a past that helps you appreciate the present. For this reason, vintage, or throwback designs are set to remain a permanent fixture in 2018.  Vintage designs also send the message that a company is dedicated to maintain the quality and competitiveness of a product irrespective of the pressure to conform.

The design of a product packaging says a lot about the product, and it influences a potential customer’s decision to either buy the product or leave it on the shelves.

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