10 Secrets to a Stylish Dining Room

The secret to a stylish dining room is creativity and personal taste. What makes a dining room stand out is your ability to define your ideal dining room décor and furniture. Having a professional home designer guide and advice you on current dining room styles can open your eyes to stylish dining room trends you had not thought about.

Below are 10 secrets to a stylish dining room:

1. Combine Cool Outdoor Chairs with an Indoor Table

Choose the right outdoor chairs and indoor tables. Ensure the size of your dining table perfectly fits into the available space. A table with ample width means there is adequate space on which to place dishes and centrepiece dining room décor. It also creates space for people to move easily and engage in chitchat during meals.

2. Enhance a Simple Scheme by Using a Patterned Rug

You can enhance an otherwise simple living room décor by using a right-sized patterned rug. This takes your living room design to a completely new level. The rug has to be the right size to give you a nicely defined space that adds to the elegance of your furniture. It ties in everything in an inviting way that makes people want to spend more time in your living room.

3. Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-Free to Create a Social Space

Your kitchen can be a place for socializing if it is free of clutter. Your decluttering goal should be to create a laidback space where people can congregate for some chitchat and socializing as they wait for meals to cook.

4. Use a Wheeled Outdoor Table

An outdoor table with wheels gives you a chance to move it wherever you want. It also helps to customize your furniture arrangement. The wheels should have locks so you can arrest them in one place once you have identified a suitable space.

5. Mix and Match Your Seats

Your chairs height and colour should match your table. A fun way of doing this is allowing your family members to select a colour of their choice.

6. Mix Your Rustic Wooden Tables with Designer Chairs

It’s possible to correctly mismatch a style. Make use of your dining tables to connect perfectly with your kitchen and dining room style. Consider buying chairs that complement your designs.

7. Employ Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential to a stylish dining room. You can have a ‘statement light’ over the dining table to create a focal point of interest on the upper half of the dining room. A centrepiece of this nature blends your space to give your dining room an occasion feel.

8. Create Interest by Using Art

A creative artwork overhanging the dining table is a great icebreaker in dining room conversations. The dining room is an important place where friends and family converse freely. The piece of art must, however, be creative enough to stand out.

9. Select Big Textures and Warm Colours

For impact, chose big textures and warm colours. A correct mix and match of distinct shapes, tassels, colours and styles creates a sense of occasion.

10. Consider Using a Marble Top Instead of Timber

Renovate your old timber dining table with a marble top for a textured finish. Using colours similar to those of your kitchen makes your dining room appear sterile. Consider adding texture by mixing satin, gloss and matte finish. Whatever you do, make sure you choose a mix that stands out.

You can have a stylish dining room by employing a couple of dining room décor and furniture creativity. The thing to remember is that a stylish dining room employs a combination of colours, furniture, and art tempered with your unique style.

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