7 Tweets Where Kids Will Amuse You To The Core

These days, kids talk a lot more than what we did when we were their age. They seem to know a lot more than what we did and are a lot smarter.
It’s amusing to listen to everything that a child says. Sometimes it can make you feel proud and other times, it’s just plain cute.
Let’s see a few things that kids have said that have made the amused/surprised the people around them.

1. This kid’s got a mean sense of humor! And at this age!

Ouch, that must have hurt. But just look at how smart they are!

2. Fair enough. What really is the point?

We can’t really blame him, can we? He’s questioning the very foundation of a language! He deserves credits for that.

3. Alrighty then.

It’s only fair to give him as much time as he wants because he’s only four and there’s just too much to do. Right? Roofing Toronto has a lot of information on DIY roofing tips.

4. A 3 year old looking for cool girls. 21st century FTW.

Look at him trying to find girls with mutual interests. How cute is that? #VeryCute

5. If she can chew it, she can have it. Right?

Also, he wants to share a brownie with his sister. Not all big brothers are this sweet, especially when it comes to sharing food.

6. ..And this one is a papa grape!

And now that I think about it, they really look just like grapes grown old.

7. Feel this Momma!

Time to give him his invisibility cloak now.

Kids these days are super smart, aren’t they?

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