4 Types of Water System Problems

Having something go wrong in your water system can be devastating, whether you have a home or business. Many plumbing problems can occur that are unexpected. These include leaks, sewer/drain backup, water line breaks, sewer line breakage and others that are connected with the water system that keeps the home or business running smoothly.

Knowing the company and what it offers is extremely important when calling a plumber.


A good Plumbing Company will offer the following:

• Highly qualified personnel

• Free estimates

• Be insured and bonded

• Guarantee their work

• 24/7 emergency service

• Reasonable prices


Many times a hidden plumbing leak can occur and do immense damage before being discovered. This type of plumbing problem can go on for a long time because it is not big enough to cause immediate concern. Indications of this problem include:

• The sound of water running

• Wet, moist or discolored area appearing on the floor or wall

• The water bill increases dramatically over a period of time

• Foul odors from walls or floors (usually near a drain)

• Cracks occur in the building foundation

When any of the above occur it is important to call a qualified plumber. The leak may be caused by a split pipe or a fitting where the pipes connect. Fortunately, today’s plumber does not have to tear out a wall to locate the problem. With their modern electronic equipment they are able to locate the leak and make the needed repair with a very small opening, which is easily repaired.


Many older homes still have plumbing that is outdated and beginning to deteriorate. This is especially true in the sewer system. Old sewer pipes often become damaged by roots, rust and other problems resulting in a complete collapse. This requires an immediate call to a plumbing company that specializes in the latest underground sewer repair.

Their plumber will make a video sewer line inspection to determine the problem. If the sewer line needs replacing, it is possible to use an underground sewer replacement that does not disturb the above driveway, sidewalk or landscaping. This is called trenchless pipelining. This is cost saving as no digging is required.


In new construction, a qualified plumbing company will follow all the municipal codes and materials to install a plumbing system that should last for years. Such a company is hired by the contractor who is responsible for the finished product. If you are having a home built, it is important to make sure the basement is water proofed, this will eliminate future problems with water leaks.

Today’s modern plumber comes in a fully equipped van and is able to complete their work quickly and efficiently. Highly trained and experienced, they can immediately locate the problem, fix it and double check their work to be sure it meets their customer’s satisfaction. At all times they will try to not disturb the usual routine of the home or business.

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