15 Resort and Cottage Decorating Ideas That Look Beautiful

Just because a cottage is a place where you go to relax and enjoy a well-deserved vacation doesn’t mean you can’t take some time to decorate it. Here are a few cottage decorating ideas that will help you turn an ordinary cottage into a cozy refuge that matches your taste and personality.

1. Add a few personal touches

You don’t want your resort or cottage to look like it could belong to anyone. You want it to be as unique as you are. To make this happen, decorate the space with photos of your family, some pieces of artwork you love, and a few souvenirs from previous vacations.

2. Paint the walls

If the walls of your cottage could use some paint, you should give them what they need. A fresh coat of paint can instantly transform any room, and will truly give some personality to a cottage. It’s all about choosing the right colours with your cottage decorating ideas.

3. Use every inch of the space

If you feel like the pitched roof of your cottage is creating some wasted space in the upstairs rooms, it’s up to you to find a creative way to use that space. For example, you could fill those gaps with elegant bookshelves that will add storage space as well as character to the room.

4. Cover your windows with lightweight curtains

To enjoy as much sunlight as possible while you are spending time in your cottage, get lightweight curtains instead of covering your windows with opaque curtains or blinds. The light with come through, but if you have neighbours, they will not be able to see directly inside your cottage.

5. Use stylish slipcovers

Slipcovers, which are used to either protect chairs and sofas or to refresh their look, are perfect for a cozy cottage. If your sofa gets dirty, all you have to do is remove the slipcover and wash it. If your upholstered chairs look outdated, you can make them look like brand new ones with slipcovers.

6. Install sliding barn doors

Sliding wood barn doors are an easy way to transform the inside space of your cottage. You could install a large one between your living room and your kitchen, or replace all your doors with small barn doors for a farmhouse-inspired look.

7. Get mismatched furniture

Mismatched furniture can create a fun, eclectic look for your cottage. It’s also an easy way to save some money: visit garage sales and flea markets to find some unique pieces of furniture that have a story to tell, and take them to your cottage.

8. Refinish your furniture

If you already have all the furniture you need and you don’t want to replace it, you could simply refinish it to give it a brand new look. A fresh coat of paint, roughed up with a piece of sandpaper, will transform your wood furniture into beautiful time-worn antiques.

9. Keep your dishes on a floating shelf

If you love the design of your dishes and glassware, why would you keep them hidden inside a cabinet? One or a few floating shelves will allow you to display them, and your dishes and glassware will become a part of your cottage decorating ideas for the kitchen.

10. Add some decorative lattice panels

Some decorative lattice panels are an easy way to add some charm to any room of your cottage. They can be purchased ready-made, or you can paint them the colour of your choice before installing them on the bottom half of the room’s walls.

11. Make decorative glass jars

Have you found some beautiful rocks or shells while walking on a beach near your cottage? If so, why not display them inside a beautiful glass jar? You can be sure no one else will have the exact same decorative item in their cottage.

12. Set some wicker chairs around your dining table

Who said wicker chairs were only good for patios? Wicker furniture can be a great decorating idea for cottages and camping resorts. If you enjoy the look of wicker chairs, and if you have really comfortable ones, you might want to set them around your dining table for a truly unique look.

13. Bring in some flowers

If there are beautiful fragrant flowers growing around your cottage, you can bring some inside to add a touch of color to your decor. If you don’t have a flower vase, you can simply pour some fresh water inside a mason jar and use it as a stylish vase.

14. Don’t forget your patio

If you enjoy spending some time on your cottage’s patio, forget about boring plastic patio chairs. Get a beautiful patio set with colourful outdoor cushions, and add a few flower baskets and some decorations for an inviting outdoor space.

15. Hang some light strings

The final touch to your cottage’s outdoor space could be a touch of light. Decorative light strings come in different models and colours, and they will make your summer evenings even more magical when you light them up.

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