7 Stylish Modern Fireplace Design Ideas

Since we started digging pits to burn wood for warmth in ancient times, fireplaces have never gone out of style. They have given us heat, a cooking source and a wonderful, mesmerizing spectacle to admire in our homes, and we continue to construct them in the current styling trends.

A modern fireplace becomes any home’s cool and contemporary focal point, transforming the traditional inglenook into a sleek, statement piece.

Your fireplace has only a few main components that are practical for upgrading, and they include the following:

  • Mantel: This is the shelf mounted over the firebox on the wall and was traditionally a hood to catch smoke from the fire grate.
  • Surround: A surround goes around the wall of most fireplaces and includes the mantel, legs, corbel, cornice and plinth. It is also the face or front immediately outside of the firebox.
  • Hearth: The hearth is the floor area where the fire burns. It is usually extended into the room to protect from heat and sparks.

Wondering what you can do to upgrade your wood, gas or electric fireplace to a more contemporary look? Implement one of these modern fireplace design ideas.

Idea #1: Marble Fireplaces

Marble is a form of limestone that has been heated and squeezed through a natural process and turns into crystalline metamorphic form with streaks of colour that polish up beautifully. It is the perfect medium for upgrading your fireplace to a modern look.

Installing marble on the front of the fireplace instantly changes the look to a sleek, clean design, and you can either leave the existing surround, take it off for a flat, marble front or follow the surrounding profile with marble as well. You can even lay it on the outer hearth as well. Marble comes in many different colours and patterns and will add elegance and character to your fireplace.

Idea #2: Clear Glass Fireplaces

This type of fireplace design is a show-stopper. If you want to build a fireplace that separates two rooms and shows on both sides, you can have a gas fireplace on a raised hearth with glass surrounding it up to the ceiling. It opens up the living area and allows light to reflect and shine through, making it a luxurious focal point in any room.

Idea #3: Concrete Fireplaces

Concrete is the perfect material if you are looking for that streamlined, raw finish, and it works well with modern home decor. It’s non-flammable, durable, and customizable to whatever look you want.

You can also colour concrete to make it industrial chic, and it’s non-toxic environmentally friendly and low maintenance.

Idea #4: Minimalist Fireplaces

If you desire the heat and view of a fireplace but want it somewhat understated, you can go for the minimalistic look. An existing fireplace can be toned down with flat, modern features, so it lies flush with the wall.

You can also have smaller electric or gas fireplaces mounted higher and be visible from your bed or above the tv in the living room. This is like a dynamic piece of art that flickers with flame and will instantly upgrade your home’s decor.

Idea #5: Geometric Shapes

Say goodbye to traditional brick and stone by covering your fireplace with tiles in a geometric pattern. It will give the space a modern look with texture and pattern that fits the modern decor.

You can go with funky colours or keep it more elegant with marble or granite in one tone, and this pattern effect will catch the eye every time you come into the room.

Idea #6: Hung Fireplaces

Have you ever seen a suspended fireplace hanging from the ceiling with an almost gravity-defying look? These are hung fireplaces, and they are very stylish and modern.

These types of fireplaces originally came from the mid-’60s, but today’s designs make them a space-saving, modern addition to your home. Hanging fireplaces come in several designs and can burn wood, bio-ethanol, gas, or electricity.

Idea #7: Water Fireplaces

What about a fireplace that has no fire? This is the ultimate, modern look and will dazzle the senses as you watch what appears to be flames dancing inside.

Water places convert tap water into a fine mist that rises with the heat of a halogen lamp or heating coil, and a flame image is projected on it to mimic flames. These modern fireplaces provide no heat but are stunning with three-dimensional, realistic flames and are:

  • Non-combusting
  • Zero emissions
  • Cheap to operate
  • Cool to the touch

They come in various designs and layouts and will be the talk of the town.

These are among the most popular options for installing a modern fireplace. Look into these designs and see how they can give you a state-of-the-art appearance and make your fireplace experience cutting-edge.

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