7 Most Comfortable Types of Summer Camp Clothes

Every season has its perks. With the dawning of spring, lighter clothing is a welcome change, while the turnover to fall allows one to dress with style and substance. As it pertains to the summer season, the warmer weather gives individuals of all ages the chance to dress down, and enjoy the sun’s rays.

If you are a parent of a young child, you might be considering sending your kid off to summer camp. This is an incredibly worthwhile experience to contemplate doing, as they can make memories to last a lifetime.

This list of comfortable summer camp clothes will help you prepare for the hot weather and the sunny outdoors:

1. Shorts

One of the mainstay features of summer is that you don’t have to overdress in order to feel comfortable. For children of young ages, comfort is critical, in order to allow them to make the most out of their experiences. For summer camp purposes, ensure you give them the right shorts to wear.

The types can vary, as different materials are still very much breathable when worn. For summer camp activities such as hiking, it may be best to give them cargo shorts, or pairs that don’t stain as easily. Be sure to also give them more than a few pairs, depending on their length of stay.

2. T-Shirts

No summer camp clothes will be complete without relevant tees. Since your kid will be off to summer camp, you can expect the camp to provide them with a few, respective t-shirts. However, during off peak hours, your child may want to feel comfortable, as it relates to their upper body. T-shirts are, therefore, a necessary wardrobe addition.

For camping purposes, old t-shirts are usually the best bet, as they can be tossed away if they aren’t viable any longer. Games during camp might necessitate cheap clothing to be worn, so black and white t-shirts are a great option. For added memories, these colours also make for a great canvas, if these summer camp clothes are to be dyed.

3. Hoodies

Summer weather, when viewed as a sum instead of its parts, can be relatively deceiving. This is because although warmer days are to be expected, evenings and nights can be surprisingly cool. Depending on the location of the summer camp, night can be colder, especially if it’s situated next to a lake.

That is why warmer articles of clothing should be given to your child, just in case. Hoodies are the perfect option for these nights, and are relatively affordable to purchase in bulk. Sometimes, your chosen camp may even provide your kid with camp-related hoodies to add to their wardrobe collection!

4. Pyjamas


Nighttime during a summer camp stay is just as important as its day counterpart. It mainly boils down to one reason, which is being able to sleep soundly and comfortably. When your child is preparing for bed, provide them with a set of pyjamas to wear in their sleeping bag. That way, they will be less inclined to be restless.

It is also vital to provide them with a couple pairs of pyjamas for the duration of their stay. Most parents, on average, will give them three pairs, which should suffice for the most common summer camp lengths. Make sure these clothes are snug as well; pyjamas are excellent for sustaining body heat at night.

5. Footwear

What your child wears on their feet at summer camp can be regarded as just as vital, when compared to other clothing options. For the most part, a pair of running shoes should serve the camp’s purpose. However, if there are other rigorous activities to be expected, such as hiking, provide them with relevant footwear.

Once the day has come to a close, crocs or sandals are also a great footwear option to unwind with. Like other pieces of clothing, the older the better. That way, you won’t have to splurge an exorbitant amount of money on new footwear, when they come home.

6. Sweatshirts

For those aforementioned, spontaneous cooler nights, your child may choose to go with an alternative to a hoody. Light sweatshirts or cardigans are the most suitable replacement, as they contain their own respective levels of comfort. Nights off still require an appropriate level of clothing!

7. Bathing Suits

For parents of daughters, make sure they carry with them the requisite swimwear. Try to find the most suitable bathing suits you can, before sending them off to camp. Diving into a lake, is almost inevitable during summer camp; make sure they have the right clothing!

It never hurts to overprepare, in terms providing your child with the right summer camp clothing. Although most of your attention will be focused on making sure your child enjoys themselves, safety and comfort always comes first. So, pack accordingly!

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