7 Décor Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Larger

While a small bedroom does not give you a lot of flexibility in terms of space, you can make it look spacious by using strategic décor that plays tricks on your eye, making the room appear larger than it actually is. Below are some of the tricks you can apply to leave your bedroom looking spacious than it is.

1. Think Vertical

While you may not have enough floor room, you can go against the walls, all the way to the ceiling. Besides using the floor space as efficiently as possible, directing the eye upwards will make the room look bigger. For instance, you can build in shelves that extend vertically towards the ceiling.

2. Hang Mirrors above the Bed

To fool the eye that your bedroom is larger than it looks, use mirrors. A bedroom should have at least one full-length mirror. However, a small bedroom should have more mirrors to visually extend it beyond the visible walls. You can apply mirrors on closet doors, over the dresser, and over the bed. You can also install fancy-framed tiny mirrors nicely arranged on the wall or use mirrored décor on your furniture and chrome-finished lamps.

3. Use Leggy Furniture

Since the only real extra space you have is towards the ceiling, your furniture should be headed there, not across the room. Give your furniture a leggy lift to create the impression of an airy, open bedroom. While not every piece of furniture should be legged, at least give one item some height. Consider a midcentury décor, which features elongated thin-legged furniture. The trick here is to leave untouched as much floor room as possible to give your bedroom that extra roomy feel.

4. Use Windows That Match the Walls

Larger bedrooms give you the option of contrasting your windows from the walls. Small bedrooms, however, cannot afford this luxury. Your drapes and blinds should match the walls to give the impression of a continuous movement across your entire room. This has the effect of lying to your eyes that the room is so spacious that the walls seem endless.

5. Place Sconces by the Bed

Rather than have bedside lamps taking up your nightstand space, install sconces above, but a bit to your headboard’s side. This has the effect of drawing your eye’s attention upward, giving your bedroom an open, airy feel due to reduced visual clutter besides the bed. In any case, adjustable sconces are ideal for reading at night. All you have to do is to move the light wherever you need it, and push it back once you are done.

6. Combine Solids with Subdued Prints

In spite of the small size of your bedroom, you can still add some pizzazz to your room by combining small prints with a lot of solids. You should, however, be careful to use the prints sparingly. Combining a few small prints with plenty of solids makes your room appear more spacious than it is. Your bed, for instance, should feature a solid or mostly-solid comforter or bedspread. You could then add a bit of colour by using coloured throw pillows or printed sheets. Use light to mid-tone colours since they visually make your bedroom look bigger.

7. De-Clutter

Too much clutter makes a room look cramped. To open up your space, get rid of the clutter. Any item that belongs elsewhere should leave your bedroom. While you may not want a bare sterile room, unless you are minimalist, overloading and stuffing it with unnecessary items makes it appear too tiny and unkempt. Instead, break the sterility and barrenness with a couple of artworks, collectibles, photos, or any other tension-relieving masterpiece.

Your tiny bedroom can look bigger than it is if you apply the above bedroom furniture tips. The most important thing to remember is that the only space you can play around with is vertical. You could also enhance your bedroom by getting rid of clutter and using more solids than prints to give the impression of endless continuity.

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