5 Trendy Website Designs You Will Love

If you’re investing in a website, you will want it to be stimulating and memorable to your viewers, not boring. After all, the main purpose of your website is to inform your viewers about your cause.

People have the world wide web in the literal palm of their hand, with that comes constant bombardment of emails and notifications. Because of this, it is crucial to make sure your website is engaging and original to capture your audience’s attention amidst all the bombardment.

Companies have invested a lot of time and other resources into features of websites that are more captivating to their target audience in order to remain competitive in their online presence. In the general world of business, companies have noticed that the experience has become important to customers. Your website should be no different, and some sort of unique experience is crucial. Some WordPress hosting companies may even come with detailed design templates that you will love.

Below is a list of five website design features you should incorporate into your website to engage your viewers.

1. Bold Colours

To appease the visual senses of your audience, bold colours or heavy colour contrast should be used. Vivid colour captures the viewer’s attention which means it is more likely they will remember your company and brand.

Using adventurous colours doesn’t have to be limited to websites, they are also ideal for posters, billboards and any other advertisement to catch people’s eye.

2. Asymmetry

Symmetrical images are not engaging or stimulating to viewers anymore as they once were, they are perceived as peaceful due to the evenness and perfection. Asymmetry is more exciting and creative in an image because of the unexpectedness to the audience.

Using asymmetry in design can be playful and unique, although, it shouldn’t be too overpowering or hectic. Even though there may not be balance in your image, try to find balance between beautiful visuals and chaos!

3. Flat Design

Flat design is an older design concept, it uses minimalist styles to portray a visual message, little text is used. However, the style has been revitalized in recent years and companies still use playful versions of flat design.

Prior to today’s web design trends, gradients and shadowing were a big no-no. The revolutionary high definition of technology today has made digital imaging more clear. Because of this, gradients and shadowing appear much crisper than ever before when viewed on phones and computers thereby making these styles refreshing and innovative.

If you are going to use flat design, make sure the images are still following the minimalist style. There shouldn’t be any colour, shadowing or contrast that is too overwhelming to the audience.

4. Animation

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Animation, such as pictures, gifs or short videos, can convey messages to your audience much quicker and efficiently than long text paragraphs. In our highly visual, fast-paced world of cellphones and technology, people can get the jist of your message and brand through animation.

Compared to older brands, new brands have put a lot of focus on telling a story about their company and portraying a personality. This is best done with animation because the viewer experiences the company’s image, figuratively and literally.

5. Typography

With technology today, there are thousands of font types to choose from. If those aren’t enough, it is easy to customize your own to suit your company’s brand and image with computer programming.

When title and introduction text is dramatic, the viewer feels a certain way which becomes memorable to them. The bigger, brighter and bolder the typography is, the better. Of course, for text paragraphs regular fonts should be used to make it easier for the reader.

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