Different Types of Vape Pods and Their Uses

In the world of vaping, there are various options. You can consume a variety of flavours from the categories of candy, fruity, dessert, drink, tobacco and menthol, and choose ratios to provide light or harsh throat hits and discreet or large plums of vapour clouds. 

As far as devices, there is a range from simple to complex with e-cigarettes to advanced mods for every level and interest of the user. Right in the middle is vape pods. These hit the sweet spot of simplicity, function and features, making them among the most popular vaping devices on the market. 

Are you looking to try something new? Let’s check out the types of vape pods that can take your vaping to the next level.

What Is a Vape Pod?

In simplest terms, vape pods are devices for consuming vaporized e-juices. They are typically auto-draw and have a very basic set that will mimic smoking a cigarette. A vape pod isn’t your go-to device for cloud chasing, as you can’t adjust the wattage. Their advantage is:

  • Affordability
  • Stealth vaping
  • Compact
  • Easy nicotine consumption
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to change coils

Before pods came along, vaping was achieved with a tank, atomizer and a power mod. Pod kits showed up with a lighter, ergonomic design that made vaping more convenient.

Types of Vape Pods

As with most things in life, there is lots of variety. So too, with vape pods. Here are the most popular types of vape pods:

Closed Pod Kits 

A closed pod kit works with closed pods or pods that don’t require refilling. You just buy cartridges pre-filled with your chosen e-liquid and pop them in. You can enjoy your vape without any fuss until the pod is empty. Then you throw it away and pop in another one. They also have integrated coils.

This can make transitioning off cigarettes easier as it isn’t a hassle. You are less likely to experience leaks because they are fully sealed, and the device is low maintenance.

The negatives come from the environmental aspect of discarding empty pods. There are also fewer flavour options with a pre-filled pod, but honestly, while you may not find a particular e-juice you want, there are so many other options to take its place.

Open Pod Kits

Open pods are the opposite; you fill them up yourself. All you do is buy your choice of e-liquid and unscrew the top of your device to fill. You get more control over the flavour you want, including:

  • Short fills
  • Nicotine salts
  • 10mls
  • Regular juices

You can hunt for bargain juices to make them more affordable, and you won’t have to shop as often because bottles hold more liquid than pods. You also won’t be adding to the landfill as often. There is an extra step involved with the filling, and it has the potential to get spilled. Some come with a fixed coil that will eventually burn out and must be replaced, but this is fairly easy. 

Pod Mod

You have heard the features of a regular vape pod, but now we will go over a pod mod. Pod mod? Yes. 

A mod system is a larger, heavier device with many options that carry its e-liquid in a glass tank. They have much stronger battery life with better performance and lots of flexibility. 

Now, what if a pod and a mod had a baby? The new offspring is the pod mod.

The pod mod takes the performance of a mod and puts the liquid in a pod for convenience. A pod mod is bigger than a regular pod system, but that comes with better battery life, more liquid storage, bolder flavours, and many clouds. Here are more features to consider:

  • Made of higher-end materials like metal alloys instead of plastic.
  • Adjustable power settings for vapour production and intensity of flavour.
  • Very durable with dust and water resistance and shockproof.
  • Replaceable atomizers to get that new coil flavour. Some even have coil options for more customization.

Even with their bigger size, you can still easily conceal them and benefit from all the options and features. You may have to adjust the nicotine strength and get used to the manual fire button instead of an auto-draw. It is also a good transition device before going straight to a mod. 


The pod AIO (All In One) is a refillable compact device that accepts pods with replaceable coils. It is a beginner-friendly vape pod with no buttons to press and no coils to change. You just fill it up, and you are off to the races. They come in various sizes but most commonly are pen and pod styles.

These are the types of vape pods you can get. As with all technology, better systems will be created, and we will benefit from newer devices. Have fun on your vaping journey and progress through the different types of vape pods to see what you like best.

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