9 Cool Box Designs with Sass and Style

Are you looking for a cool box design to house your product? With all of the products competing for attention on store shelves, it’s wise to create a design that will make your product stand out. With today’s technology, virtually anything is possible to create.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next box design, look no further! In the following blog post, we’ll look at nine cool box designs that are sure to make your product stand out.

1. Make Your Box Design Unique

With this idea, you can combine your product with the packaging to make a unique box design. For example, if you sell gum and your product promises to whiten teeth, your packaging can be a picture of “teeth” (but it’s actually your gum) with a cool mustache on top.

These cool box designs will encourage shoppers to pick up your product and hold it up to their faces to make their friends laugh. Or you can go the same route as Kleenex and create a cute design on your box, like a little house, for example.

2. Create a Story

Have you ever thought of using your packaging to tell a story about your brand? This can include actual facts about your brand or even a fictional story. For example, if you sell coffee, you can include stamps and travel themed stickers on your box to create a story about where your coffee comes from.

3. Change the Shape

This idea is really fun, since you get to customize the specialty cardboard boxes to meet your specifications. Rather than using traditional rectangular or cube-shaped boxes, change the shape to something else to really make your product stand out. For example, if you sell all-natural soaps, you can turn your box into a leaf shape that cradles your product.

Not only will this make your product stand out on shelves, but it also helps identify your brand as “natural”. Another example is taking the classic square-shaped box and creating die-cut windows so shoppers can see inside the box. Not only does this up your presentation, but it allows shoppers to actually see what they’re buying.

4. Use Patterns

With patterns, you really don’t need to do that much to your packaging. Just identify some colours that are on brand and include them on the outside of the box. While not getting too wild, you’re still changing up your packaging from just a simple brown box.

5. Create an Experience

With this idea, thoroughly think about the actions a person goes through when they’re opening up your product. For example, if you sell a luxury item, a fun packaging tactic is to layer. So, you would wrap your product in something like a dust ruffle and then package it in your box.

These cool box designs will let your consumers open up the box to find the product wrapped nicely and thoughtfully in its own snug little packaging. A bonus: this makes it easier for your shoppers to rationalize spending a little bit more money for the experience.

6. Use All Available Space

When your product comes packaged in a box, you have lots of space to play with, why not use it all? Often the interior of a box will get missed and will just be one solid colour. Why not change it up so your consumers get a nice little surprise when they open up your box? Think of cool patterns you can use on the inside, like a floral pattern, for example. The options here really are endless.

7. Get Playful

Why not get a little playful with your packaging? For example, if you sell raspberries, you can create an illustration that interacts with the product and lets the product shine through by creating a little monster that has his mouth open and is munching on one of the berries. You can create it so the colour of the monster relates to the colour of the berries. Having the little character taking a bite out of your product indicates their quality to shoppers.

8. Use Stylization

You don’t always need to make the graphics on your box completely realistic. For example, if you sell styling cream for hair, you can have the illustration on your box depict a head and hair and have the hair “move” throughout the box. This creates a background pattern with your logo placed on top of it.

9. Simplicity

And of course, there is nothing wrong with choosing a simple design in the end. Take a page out of Apple’s book and create masterful, beautiful packaging by keeping things simple and elegant. Apple’s single coloured box showcases just four things: the product name, logo, a product beauty shot and information about the product. Inside things are kept pretty simple, with each pocket and tab in the perfect spot. Your consumers may thank you for keeping things simple and easy to use.

We hope these nine cool box designs have gotten your creative juices flowing!

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