7 Stylish Tips to Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Space

Outdoor kitchens have become quite the trend over the past few years, allowing people to use their backyards for more activities and entertaining.

An outdoor kitchen can help create additional entertaining space, provide that sense of outdoor living, and really amp up the appeal of your yard in general. Of course creating the perfect outdoor kitchen space is something that takes planning and thought to ensure that all the basics are covered.

Here are seven stylish tips that will help you to create the perfect outdoor kitchen space that is perfect for your family and for entertaining.

1. Make Sure You’ve Got all the Right Cooking Equipment

Just like with an indoor kitchen, your outdoor kitchen requires cooking equipment in order to get the job done. People are quick to include the barbecue in the plans, but there are other items you can also add to the design. One trend that homeowners have been following as of late is to include a pizza oven into the design.

An outdoor pizza oven allows you to create your very own restaurant-quality pizzas in your own yard and in very little time. You can find a variety of models in different sizes and configurations, which means you’re sure to find one that works for your space. Not only does it add usefulness to the outdoor kitchen, they also act as a décor element since they are so unique looking.

2. Include Ample Countertop Space

Before you can actually get to cooking meals outdoors, you need to be able to prepare them. Building a food preparation space is a must-have in any outdoor kitchen. You can opt for a stationary countertop that is easy to care for and clean, or you may want to go with an island on wheels that can moved around.

3. Flat Area for Cooking and Seating

The design should also include some sort of flat surface that is used as the “kitchen”. That flat surface will be needed for your barbecue and seating area. You can opt for something such as wood decking, patio slabs or stones, brickwork, or any other type of material that creates that flat surface.

4. Plan for More Space than Necessary

It’s not often that you’ll hear a homeowner complain that they have too much space in their kitchen, and the same can be said about an outdoor kitchen. It’s always better to create a space that is bigger than you think you’ll need because you will always find ways of filling it up.

5. Comfortable Seating Ideal for Lounging and Eating

Obviously a table and chairs will be needed in your outdoor kitchen, but you may also want to create a lounging area in your design. This allows people to sit around and socialize while meal prep and cooking is taking place. It can also become the hang-out area even when a meal isn’t involved.

6. Don’t Forget the Importance of Décor

Finally is the décor. You can have all the basic elements of an outdoor kitchen but until you pull it together with the décor it just won’t have the same effect. Décor can include items such as seat cushions, table mats, decorative dishes, an umbrella for the table, outdoor lighting, outdoor art pieces, and anything else that adds personality to the space.

When picking the décor it’s best to choose a colour palette first, and then work off that palette with the items you purchase.

7. Put Together All the Ingredients for a Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen

Each of these tips will help you to put together an incredible outdoor kitchen space that you, your family, and friends will enjoy for many years to come.

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