7 Beautiful Packaging Ideas for Products

It’s normal to take pride in the quality of your products. You are working hard for your business to be successful, and you deserve to celebrate every single one of your accomplishments. Unfortunately, designing and creating great products is not enough. You need creative packaging if you want to catch the eyes of consumers and leave your competitors behind.

Just remember that product packaging has more than one purpose. Of course, it has to make a product look good on a shelf. However, the packaging should also protect the products and provide useful information about it.

Are you looking to package your offerings to make them even more attractive? These seven beautiful packaging ideas for your products should inspire you.

Packaging Idea #1: Make the most of colours and textures

As you design your product packaging, think of how you want your customers to feel when they look at it and hold it in their hands.

We all react to different colours in different ways, and it’s important to select the right colours for your packaging. Would you like your packaging to make consumers feel excited or happy? Use red or yellow. If your product is meant to be relaxing, opt for sky blue or lavender instead.

Textures can also be used to make product packaging more appealing and relevant. If your product is eco-friendly, your packaging could be made from organic materials, such as coconut shells, mushrooms, or hay.

If you want your packaging to instantly show that the product inside is a luxury item, it should be made from top-quality materials. Think about a thick and durable cardboard box with intricate details and a gold foil logo.

Packaging Idea #2: Go for a minimalist design

If your brand image is all about minimalism, it makes sense to design minimalist packaging for your products.

Minimalist product packaging should be simple, elegant, and functional without excess. It can also be considered eco-friendly packaging since the product will be presented and protected without the need for plastic film or excess padding materials.

Many product packaging is colourful and overwhelming. In contrast, minimalist packaging supplies¬†promote simplicity and allows consumers’ eyes to rest.

Packaging Idea #3: Keep it simple with custom tape

Another way to simplify your product packaging is to place your product inside a Kraft bag or box and close it with custom tape.

This is a good packaging idea for small businesses or artists selling handmade products.

You can design custom tape with your choice of artwork, text, or logo and use it to seal your packaging. Look for sturdy paper tape that can be recycled or composted to appeal to eco-conscious customers.

Packaging Idea #4: Pick a design that doubles as gift packaging

If you know that your product can make a wonderful gift, you could design packaging that will easily double as gift packaging.

Kraft boxes or bags of shapes and sizes can easily be turned into beautiful gift packaging. Secure them with custom tape, and add some lace, ribbons, stickers, or other decorative items.

Your customers will be able to buy your product and give it to the recipient without worrying about wrapping it or placing it inside a gift bag.

Packaging Idea #5: Add a window to your packaging design

Depending on the product you are selling, a Kraft box or bag might not be the best option. You can then get custom boxes printed with your design and logo.

But instead of showing a photo of your product on the packaging, why not add a clear window so customers can see the product?

And your window doesn’t have to be a square, a rectangle or a circle. It could have a fun shape that works with your design to complement the product.

Packaging Idea #6: Grab consumers’ attention with bold letters

Instead of an intricate design or a window that shows a glimpse of the product inside the packaging, you could simply grab consumers’ attention with big, bold letters.

Write the name of your product in big, colourful letters all over the front of your packaging. This is similar to minimalist packaging, except that your product will look like it’s happily shouting at customers instead of giving their eyes a break.

Packaging Idea #7: Package small products in glass vials

Not all packaging has to be made from cardboard. If your product is small and fragile, you could package it in glass vials with a cork stopper.

This packaging idea would work well for earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets, but it’s up to you to find a way to use it for other items as well.

After all, the more unique and unexpected your product packaging is, the more it should get noticed and talked about.

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