4 Ways to Design Your Office to Attract New Hires

Over the past couple of decades, the traditional cubicle style workplace has become a thing of the past. You may have noticed that many new profitable companies have shed traditional office styles in favour of much more elaborate designs. Stylish Gus modern furniture and glass walls have made the modern office into something really pleasant to the eye. That doesn’t mean that you need to copy this new style of workspace exactly.

Behind the pool tables, sleeping pods and mini golf one thing stands out above all of the glitz and the toys. Modern workspaces are designed to encourage collaboration among employees. By removing cubicle walls and putting in communal workspaces with large couches and tables it has never been easier to sit down and brainstorm. So let’s take a look at what at the current trends are when it comes to office design and furniture selection.

1. Unconventional is good

This change in how and where people like to work is often attributed to millennials. They have an affinity for large open spaces and work environments that are bright, open and most of all unique. So how do you make sure that your office is equipped to get the best out of these employees? Well, the first step is to ensure that you match the furniture with the whole aesthetic.

There is a time and a place for a black leather couch, and a funky, modern, millennial filled office is not it. You may also feel the pressure to change up the look of your office from time to time, this is where furniture rental can save a great deal of time and energy. After all, if you feel that the furniture isn’t right for the space, you can simply swap it out for something new.

2. Go Green!

We are not talking about recycling here (Although that is very important to millennials). Plants are good for an office as they clean the air and add a bit of colour to any space. What is better than just plants for an office? Biophilic design. This is where greenery is used heavily in the whole office. Green walls and even small ponds can give any space the naturistic feel that many crave.

3. A comfortable employee is a productive one

Some may balk at the idea of making a workplace as comfortable as possible for the employees. After all, they are there to work right? In fact, studies have shown time and time again that when employees enjoy coming into work, they will produce much higher quality work much more efficiently. In a world of tight deadlines and limited resources, anything to increase employee productivity is a good thing.

This level of comfort can be achieved by giving employees to comfort that they need. The easiest and most cost-effective way to do this is to provide them with an area in the office that they can feel at home. A comfortable couch or chair here and there in the office can make all of the difference.

4. Meditation spaces

Meditation rooms are on their way to becoming yet another way to attract those elusive millennials. Again, this idea may be met with some resistance, but it has been proven to boost productivity a great deal. The best part is that these rooms do not need to take up a lot of floor space provided that you have the right furniture for the job.

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