8 Best Ways on How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Moving to a new location can be a relatively arduous affair. Not only do you have to contend with travelling with your belongings, but packing can be just as demanding. From your furniture to your clothing, all of your possessions will have to be uniquely packed and primed for transportation. Fortunately, you can call professional movers to help you with most of the tasks. Even then, there are still some responsibilities that only you can do, such as the packing process.

Some items will be relatively easier to stuff inside a box than others. Your shoes, for example, are one such item that won’t be as challenging to store. However, depending on the quantity and quality of your sneakers, it will still require its own specific packaging.

Keep in mind the following ways on how to pack shoes for moving:

1. Get Rid Of Old Shoes

All of your belongings, no matter how trivial they may seem, will hold some sentimental value. You may store these keepsakes, just because of the memories they have had. When it comes to relocating, you’ll have to take that leap and discard these unwarranted items.

This idea remains true for your old shoes. Any old, worn out sneakers may look like they are worth keeping, but, generally speaking, they won’t be. You only have to take the shoes you absolutely need. That way, your closet will have space for other articles of clothing for the years to come.

2. Sock Padding   

A good way to pack shoes for moving is to make sure you give them the appropriate padding. If you have any spare socks lying around, these items will become your best friend. Take one sock, and stuff it inside the shoe, right up to the toe area. If the make of your specific pair of shoes warrant extra padding, use an additional sock if needed.

Sock padding is done for two reasons. The first is to provide an extra layer of protection for your shoes during transport. The second reason acts as a way of storing your socks, if you plan on wearing them again. As long as you think efficiently, your packing process can be significantly diminished.

3. Lace Pairs Together

The amount of risk during moving can increase while a vehicle is on the road. With this risk, comes the potential for your items to get separated. For your shoes, this becomes even more apparent. In order to lessen the chances for this to happen, lace them together.

Tie both pairs of laces together in order to create one, cohesive package. Once this is done, you won’t have to worry about scrambling, just to find where a missing shoe went after transport. For an extra precaution, put the shoes inside a designated, tied up plastic bag.

4. Shoe Weight

When you have to pack multiple pairs of footwear, they usually won’t have the same mass. Boots, for example, will weigh heavier than your favourite pair of running shoes. In this case, always pack the heaviest shoes at the bottom of its respective packing designation. Then, put the more delicate pairs of shoes on top.

5. Bubble Wrap

Plastic bags may be the most common item to use, in regards to efficiently packing your shoes. However, you always want to maximize the amount of security they have during transport. Bubble wrap will be the better alternative to use, in this regard. Place your tied up shoes inside a sheet of bubble wrap, before moving it into a box.

6. Tea Bags

This may come as a surprise to some, but using tea bags is a great way to keep your shoes smelling fresh. During the move itself, place some tea bags into each shoe. That way, any lingering odours can effectively dissipate. For shoes more prone to unpleasant scents, put them in the freezer the night before the move, before putting the tea bag inside.

7. Pack The Essential Pairs

After your move is complete, you’ll need access to some footwear immediately. So, make sure that you pack a couple pairs of sneakers separately than your other pairs. Once you reach your new location, it may feel a bit uncomfortable wearing the same shoes you travelled with. As a result, swap out your current shoes for a more comfortable pair after moving.

8. Shoeboxes

Many of us discard the shoeboxes that came with the original pair of shoes. If you haven’t, these boxes are the best way to pack your shoes prior to a move. This helps to give them a proper designation, so that you aren’t lost when it comes to unpacking. It may be a bit more work, but it is definitely recommended!

Giving your shoes more than a single thought before moving usually doesn’t happen. However, they should be tended to with care. The last thing you want is seeing your favourite sneakers damaged because they weren’t handled properly. Package them accordingly, and they’ll arrive in pristine condition!

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