7 Ideas on Where to Put a TV in a Small Bedroom

Having a TV in your bedroom means that if you also have one in your living room, you will never have to argue with your partner or with your kids because you want to watch different things at the same time.

Just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy watching TV from the comfort of your bed. Whether you mount it on a wall, or place it on a TV stand or on another functional piece of furniture, even a large screen could feel right at home in your bedroom.

Plus, watching TV in bed can be more comfortable than watching it from your couch, and it can really help you relax after a long day.

But if you have a small bedroom, and don’t want to settle for a small TV screen, where can you place it in the room? Here are seven ideas on where to put a TV in a small bedroom:

1. Mount your TV screen on a wall

The wall is probably the best place to put a TV in a small bedroom. Flat TV screens can easily be mounted on a wall, which is very convenient if one of your priorities is to save some space.

But how high should you mount it? It depends. If you are planning on watching TV while you are sitting on a chair, you should mount it at about the same height as you would in your living room.

However, if you are planning on watching TV while laying in bed, which is probably your intention, you should mount your screen just a little higher than your line of sight while you are in bed.

2. Place it right in front of your bed

Most people who have a TV in their room place it right in front of their bed, which makes sense if they want to watch movies or their favourite shows while laying in bed.

If this is what you want, you can either mount your TV screen on the wall in front of your bed, or put it on a stand or another piece of furniture placed at the foot of your bed.

However, if placing your TV in front of your bed doesn’t work with your bedroom layout, you could place it somewhere where it will be visible from your bed, and from every corner of the room.

3. Mount your TV on a mirror wall

If a mirror wall sounds appealing to you, you could mount your TV on a mirror wall. This will make your TV screen look very modern, even if it isn’t the latest model available. But it will also make your small bedroom appear bigger, since the mirrors will reflect the light, and create an illusion of depth.

4. Mount it on your closet door

If you want to mount your TV screen on a wall, but you don’t have enough wall space, maybe you could mount it on something else.

If your closet has a large sliding door, why not mount your TV on it? This way, your screen will not take any space on your walls, and you will even be able to change the position of your TV by sliding the door open!

Of course, mounting your TV is not the only option. Your screen most certainly came with a stand, so you can place it on a piece of furniture. And if you don’t have a flat screen, placing it on furniture is your only option.

5. Place your TV on a TV stand

A stylish TV stand can accommodate your TV, your DVD player, your video game consoles, and decorative items, while also providing you with some extra storage space. TV stands come in different sizes and styles. There are also white gloss TV stands decorated with customized LED lights.

If you find a TV stand that you really like, you could replace a bulky piece of furniture with it, which would free some space in your small bedroom.

6. Put it on a built-in unit

If you really could use a lot more storage space in your small bedroom, you could opt for a built-in unit that could accommodate your TV screen, and provide you with drawers and cabinets where you could store clothes, books, sheets and blankets, or anything you want.

Of course, you would probably have to hire someone to build you a customized built-in unit, but it can be worth it if you really need extra storage space.

7. Get a custom corner cabinet

Finally, if you are thinking about placing your TV in a corner of your small bedroom, you could get a custom corner cabinet that can accommodate it while providing you with some storage space.

Room corners are often empty, and a cornet cabinet can allow you to use one of them to its fullest potential.

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