5 Stylish Ways to Upgrade Your Family Room

Your family room is often the heart of the home. It is where you gather with family and friends to chat and catch up, relax, and laze on the couch while you enjoy all your favorite television shows. Now just because it’s meant to be a comfortable and welcoming room doesn’t mean it has to look rundown and worn in, as there are plenty of ways you can update and even upgrade the space without taking away from the all-important comfort factor.

If your family room has seen better days and is in desperate need of a makeover, then you’re going to want to check out these top five ways to update and upgrade the space.

1. Replace the Flooring

Flooring is one of those things in a room that can often be overlooked during a makeover yet it can offer the biggest impact at all. By replacing your hardwood flooring you will completely change the look and feel of the family room, and you can go in a whole other direction where décor is concerned. Depending on the changes you make it may also result in the room feeling bigger, brighter, and more modern.

Some of the most popular flooring options for a family room include engineered hardwood, laminate, and carpeting. When making your decision you will want to consider such factors as the budget, the amount of flooring you need to replace, how you use your room, whether or not you have small children and/or pets, and the overall feel you’re going for.

2. Give the Walls New Life

Another way you can create a big impact is to give the walls all new life and paint them a different color. You may even feel inclined to step outside your comfort zone and consider colors that you typically wouldn’t go for.

A few tips to keep in mind when picking a paint color is that you want to be sure it still flows with the other rooms in the house or else it will feel too jarring, you always want to be sure it works with your overall design plan, and if you have furniture and décor items that you don’t plan on replacing, again you want to be sure the paint color still works.

3. Invest in New Furniture

Often the first items that will show signs of wear in your family room is the furniture itself. When you think about how many times people flop down on the couch or comfy chair, it’s no surprise that it won’t last forever. Replacing the furniture will certainly give the room a fresh new look, but this is also your opportunity to upgrade your current furniture and get pieces that will be more comfortable and last for longer.

4. Take a Look at all the Little Pieces in the Room

Now that you’ve looked at the big pieces in the room, which are the furniture, it’s time to look at all those smaller pieces. This includes things like artwork, décor, throw pillows and blankets, and everything else that you used to create the original design. If your budget doesn’t allow you to replace all these pieces, try swapping out just a few items. For example new throw pillows can make your furniture look completely different, even if you didn’t replace it.

5. Don’t Forget the Lighting

The final tip is to update your lighting. This includes ceiling light fixtures and lamps. Use lighting as part of your design to help pull things together.

Each of these tips will ensure that your family room looks fresh, updated, and extremely inviting.

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