Why You Need Dental Services: A Guide

Some people only go to the Ottawa Dentist for a problem, like a toothache or a mouth sore. However, that is an unrealistic approach to maintaining good dental health. Just as other parts of the human body need routine checkups to prevent problems or to catch them early, teeth and oral tissues should be examined regularly as well, typically every six months. Everyone should take seek quality dental services to keep teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Developmental checkups.

Even preschoolers need a preliminary dental checkup as recommended by their pediatricians. Starting at age two-and-a-half or three, children should see a dentist to ensure their baby teeth are coming in as they should and to identify any developmental issues, such as teeth embedded in the soft tissues, a cleft palate, an overbite, or an under-bite, to name a few. Though few issues of this nature will be treated at this age, charting them and exploring future treatment options is a good idea.

Routine exams.

As children enter elementary school, it’s time to begin twice-yearly checkups. Adults should have the same regular exams to make sure the teeth are normal and there are no problems with the gums or jaws. Protective treatments such as fluoride or veneers may be considered to help keep teeth strong and healthy.

Minor issues.

A cavity can develop between checkups, and if it is painful, may lead to a trip to the dentist. However, many cavities do not produce symptoms like pain at first, and may not be discovered until a regular dental exam. Dentists can find and fill small cavities to keep them from getting larger and destroying teeth. Proper dental hygiene can be explained to children or adults who might not be brushing or flossing correctly.

Significant problems.

Due to sports, wear, or aging, teeth can become loose or even get chipped or knocked out. Implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures or retainers may be needed to address broken, missing, or damaged teeth. Other typical dentistry problems can be managed in the office as needed.

Referrals for specialty services.

When a dentist identifies a specialty issue like the need for braces, advanced gum disease, or a tongue-tied person, a referral can be made to a dental specialist who can take care of the issue. Catching conditions like these early and seeing a specialist promptly can make a huge difference in successful treatment.

For many reasons, everyone should see a dentist regularly. Healthy teeth are needed to chew food and facilitate communication. With t

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