How to Go From Brunette to Blonde

As you might imagine, going from brunette to blonde is not as easy as going from blonde to brunette. And while it’s possible to do it at home, it’s not recommended. You could damage your hair or create a brassy tone you won’t like.

Let a hair salon handle your transformation for the best results and ensure your budget allows it. Here is how to go from brunette to blonde to better understand what you can expect.

1. Book a consultation with a colourist

You should first book a consultation with a professional colourist before they start working on lightening your hair. During this consultation, they will ask about your expectations and hair history.

Turning your hair from brown to blonde will be different depending on whether you have virgin hair or hair that has already been coloured. So if your hair has already been coloured, let your colorist know which dye was used. They will also look at the texture of your hair.

Virgin hair is usually easier to lighten than previously coloured hair and should require fewer sessions.

2. Choose the right shade of blonde

You might already know the shade of blonde you want your hair to be. If you are unsure, ask your colourist to help you choose one.

The truth is that no shade of blonde will work for you. For example, you might love the look of platinum blonde hair, but if this shade doesn’t pair well with your skin tone, it won’t look good on you.

The colour of your eyes should also help you select a shade of blonde. For example, cool shades of blonde should be ideal for you with blue eyes.

3. Don’t expect to go fully blonde in one visit

Unless you are extremely lucky, you should not expect to reach your desired shade of blonde in just one visit to the hair salon.

The amount of time the transformation might take depends on factors such as your hair history, the texture and colour of your hair, its length, and the shade of blonde you want.

Going from brunette to blonde could take three or four sessions. Remember that your transformation will be costly, so be sure there is enough room in your budget for more than one session at the hair salon.

And don’t try to save money by turning to a hairstylist who will rush things and do it for a cheap price. It could work. But it could also terribly damage your hair.

4. Consider going from brunette to blonde gradually

Are you still wondering if you are ready to go from brunette to blonde? This is one question that a colourist can’t answer for you.

If you are hesitating, you could try going blonde gradually. Starting with blonde highlights or a blonde balayage will allow you to slowly adjust to seeing some blonde hair on your head.

You should then be able to decide whether you want to go blonde for real, keep your blonde highlights, or go back to being a brunette.

5. Prepare your hair for your appointment

Before your first appointment and between each session, take good care of your hair. Deep conditioning treatments help it stay healthy; healthy hair is usually easier to light and colour.

And don’t wash your hair right before your appointment, as a freshly cleaned scalp might get irritated by the lightning treatment. Of course, you don’t want to get to the hair salon with greasy hair, either.

Ideally, you should wash it two days before your session so it’s not too clean or dirty.

6. Get to your appointment and be patient

Going from brunette to blonde in only one session can damage your hair. You should go lighter in sessions to keep your hair healthy until you reach a happy result.

During your first appointment, the colourist should test a strand and apply a lightener to only one small strand of your hair. This will give them a good idea of the possible results and how long the transformation should take.

Then, they will apply a lightener to all your hair, let it work its magic, and then wash and dry your locks so they can take a good look at the result. If necessary, they will start over a second time to help your hair achieve the shade of blonde you like.

You will have to be patient, but your patience will be rewarded when you get the gorgeous blonde hair you want.

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