6 Best Hairstyles for Women Over 65

Ageing is a very normal phenomenon, which everyone has to go through in their lives. A majority of people, especially women aged 65 or older, often find it difficult to settle on which hairstyle suits them best. Thanks to modern day hairstyling techniques, you no longer have to go through this dreadful experience of figuring out the perfect hairstyle.

These techniques can scrape 10, 20 and even 30 years of your actual age and give you that youthful, fresh look you are aching for. There are hairstyles as well as haircuts for all textures and length of hair. These hairstyles range from long, thick and light hair to one that’s fine and coarse.

Here are 6 of the best hairstyles for women over 65, handpicked and tailored to fit your particular style:

1. Short Natural Hairstyles

Having short hair is one of the best hairstyles for women over 65. You can seldom go wrong with short hair mainly because there are both universal cuts and those reserved for specific face shapes and hair textures. You have to find the one that works for you.

For example, if you have been wondering what to do with your natural hair, try keeping it free with a close curly crop, which is both sophisticated and fashionable. It allows your hair to remain as healthy as possible and is quite easy to maintain since all you need is anti-frizz curl gel to keep the curls springy and consistent. Your styling options are endless.

2. Long and Wavy Layered Hairstyles

If you have always worn your hair long and loose and want to retain it as such, this style is perfect for you. Polish things up with beautiful waves by curling your hair with a two-inch wide curling iron, focusing on the center and ends of each section to achieve a vibrant look. Add a tint of copper or chestnut for an extra dash of awesomeness.

3. Bangs

Bangs look good for all ages, but they are particularly the best hairstyles for women over 65 since they conceal any wrinkles on your forehead!

This works for both long and short hair cuts. Bangs can refresh an old hair cut, cover up a hairline that starts further back on the head, add volume to flat and dull hair, and accentuate the eyes, especially those that sweep down to them and end at the cheekbone level. The side-swept bang is the most popular among older retired women since it’s vigorous, elegant, and professional at the same time. It works with any short cut, from bob to pixie cuts.

4. Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are undoubtedly one of the most exciting and best hairstyles for women over 65, owing to the vast range of styles for different personalities and lifestyles. These include the above-the-chin classic bob, which looks great with a side bang, wavy bob, sleek bob (ideal for black women), wavy long bob, blunt bob, textured and sassy bob, one-length bob and an A-line bob, which implies the back is slightly shorter than the front, at an angle noticeable from the side. Others are the versatile long bob, the highly styled bob, highlighted bob, subtle layer bob and full volume bob.

Bottom line, every face and hair texture can pull off a bob; it mostly depends on the specific one you choose. For round faces, do a long bob; for curly, thick or wavy hair, try a layered bob and texture the ends. If you have fine hair, go for the graduated bob to give your hair body and height. Remember to regularly trim the ends to avoid split hairs.

5. Pixie Cut Hairstyles

For women over 65, pixie cut hairstyles are the best for framing your face and bringing out your best features. Pixie cuts are also, in some measure, low maintenance and more preferred than other cuts among older women.

It comes in many forms, namely the versatile pixie, which can take on different styles, the super edgy pixie, elegant pixie (best for those with thick hair and round faces), smooth pixie, choppy pixie, stylish pixie, and modern pixie, which is suitable for those with square, oval and heart-shaped faces.

6. Modern Shag Haircuts

Remember the unisex shag cut invented by the barber Paul McGregor way back in the 70s? There is now an improved version of the same. Try it, and you will love the results. The modern shag cut has choppy layers going from front to back, with shorter layers and feathery bangs to frame the face. It is the ultimate cut for older women and requires a small round brush to style it by flipping the layers upward to allow air movement.

Just because you are over 65 does not mean you shouldn’t make an effort to look good. Over and above everything else, choose a hairstyle that matches not just your face shape and hair texture, but also your body type and overall style. Some extra dos and don’ts to give your hair that youthful glow; use different colored highlights that are a few shades lighter than your natural hair color, be tool-smart and avoid appliances that damage your hair, and, finally, keep your hair shinier and looking refreshed at all times.

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