5 Skin Care Benefits of Micro-Needling

The health status of our organs plays a vital role in how we feel about ourselves. From the physical health to the psychological health, the good condition of our organs is of utmost importance if we want to live happily.

Considering that organs are so important, it comes as no surprise that our largest organ has been receiving a lot of attention lately. We are talking about our skin – the largest organ we have. There have been many trends and treatments that have garnered attention in the past that focuses on improving our skin quality.

The newest to join the bandwagon is micro-needling. But micro-needling offers something different, something more. It goes beyond just improving the health of the skin and rejuvenating it. With micro-bleeding, you can now rid your body of stretch marks and other scars, which can have a huge impact on the psyche of a person.

Micro-needling is the process in which micro-injuries are induced on the skin so that it accelerates the production of collagen and elastin. How does that help the skin? Read below to find out.

1. Anti-ageing

With ageing comes a host of skin-related issues. While we all wish we could enjoy having a 2-year-old’s skin type for our whole lives, the reality is quite different. As we age, the body starts producing lesser amounts of collagen and elastin. This results in the skin thinning, and also is the beginning of wrinkles setting in. Micro-needling does exactly what the skin needs it to do the most. It replenishes the collagen and elastin stock for the skin to stay tight, resulting in it fighting against wrinkles, sun damage and skin thinning.

2. Treating Scars

One of the biggest reasons why micro-needling has gained so much popularity is because of the effectiveness of the procedure in reducing scar visibility. To understand how this works, you need to know something very basic about scars. Scars are nothing but the abnormal formation of collagen that result in scar tissues.

As we have already seen, micro-needling can help in the production of collagen. But the process is also effective in breaking down the damaged surface-level tissues, which form the scars, and replacing it with the newly produced collagen and elastin. This process results in the reducing of the scars, by slowly fading them out.

3. Stretch Marks

Stretch marks is something people have tried over the years to get rid of. Stretch marks are caused due to the rapid stretching of the skin. But they are also very similar to scars in terms of how they are really formed. And thus, just like the case with scars, you can have positive results with micro-bleeding in fading stretch marks.

The process is not known to work with 100% results, but when paired with other treatments, micro-needling is one of the most efficient stretch-marks removing options you have right now.

4. Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be the result of many things, including prolonged sun exposure, acne and even wounds. Hyperpigmentation occurs when the skin releases higher amounts of melanin. With micro-needling, you can break down the tissues in the affected area, and let the newly produced collagen and elastin takeover to reduce the visibility of the affected skin areas.

5. Acne treatments

The success of many acne treatments depends upon the reaching of the acne medicines on the affect areas. With micro-needling, one can break down, or open up, the affected area. This results in the direct application of the medicines on the impacted skin areas. One thing to keep in mind is that micro-needling can also spread the bacteria across a greater area, so be careful of that aspect of micro-needling.

Micro-needling has offered many new ways of improving your skin quality with great results. Time to give it a try if you have any skin issues you want to get treated.

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